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What is Summary Administration?

Definition–  summary administration is a type of probate proceeding for smaller estates. In Florida, a summary administration is proper for an estate that has a value of less than $75,000, or for an estate where at least two years have passed since the date of death of the decedent.

What It Really Means

Summary administration is a way to probate an estate where the estate is relatively simple. This type of administration is proper for estates with a small value of assets, or where the decedent died two or more years ago, which limits a lot of concerns with creditors.


Helen died three years ago, leaving no home, car, or debts. Her only assets were a bank account with $50,000. The personal representative for Helen’s estate just initiated probate proceedings last week. Helen’s estate would qualify for summary administration for two reasons: the first being that she passed away more than two years ago, and the second being that the amount of assets to be probated is less than $75,000.




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