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What is an Ejectment?

Definition – Ejectment is the process of evicting a person from a property. This type of action occurs when there is no lease or landlord/tenant relationship, but the “tenant” claims to have some sort of right to the property.


What It Really Means to Have an Ejectment Action

An ejectment action is what the owner of a property must resort to when the person residing at the property is doing so without the existence of a lease. The person who is unlawfully residing at the property must also believe they have some sort of right to remain on the property.



Jessica owns her home, but travels frequently for work. Jessica allows her friend, Marsha, to reside in the home while she is away for a month on business. When Jessica returns home a week early, Marsha refuses to leave the house, stating she is allowed to stay for the last week at the home because she has a right to stay at the home for a full month. Jessica is able to file an action for ejectment, as Marsha has no actual claim or interest in Jessica’s home.


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