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What is a Process Servant?

Definition– a process servant is a person who delivers legal documents to a defendant or person involved in a court date. The process of how to do this is determined by process serving laws of the state the other party to the lawsuit is being served in. A process servant must deliver actual evidence that the legal papers were served.


What It Really Means

A process servant is simply a person, generally the sheriff or other qualified person, who delivers the complaint to the defendant, or other involved party, in a lawsuit. They are needed so that the other party is officially on notice of the claim in the eyes of the court.



Jake is planning to sue Alex for failing to abide by a contract the two created. Jake filed the appropriate complaint with the court alleging how the contract was broken by Alex. Jake then must serve a copy of the complaint to Alex, so that Alex is properly prepared to argue the breach of contract case. In order to serve Alex, Jake contacts a local process servant and has them deliver the complaint to Alex, and properly document that the complaint was served.


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