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Jacob A Weil, Esq., EA, LCAMWhat Tax Areas And Issues Do You Typically Handle As An Attorney?

I am not only an attorney, but also an enrolled agent. Unlike most attorneys who claim to be experts in the United States Tax Code, I am qualified by the IRS as an expert in the tax code. An enrolled agent has to go through a rigorous three-part examination that covers the individual section of the tax code, the business section of the tax code, and the ethical and procedural section of the tax code. You have to pass all three of these sections in order to become an enrolled agent. I understand the nuances of the tax code that most attorneys simply do not…Read More

What Are The Common Reasons That People Or Businesses Have Tax Issues?

A business issue we often see is when businesses start taking small deductions that they might not be eligible for. They make tiny changes to their reporting. It starts to get bigger and bigger, and those businesses start to do more and more that they shouldn’t be doing. The truth is, 99% of people and businesses don’t get audited. The big guys are the ones who get caught. While you can enjoy the delicious fruits of questionable tax practices, eventually you are going to get greedy and the IRS or the Florida Department of Revenue is going to come after you…Read More

What Exactly Is A Tax Audit? Should I Be Concerned?

Many people are concerned when they see an audit letter. However, a tax audit is just the IRS verifying the information on your tax return. Audits can come up for any number of reasons, whether you are randomly selected, the IRS is using you to do a comparison, or the IRS thinks there might be some kind of error on your return. You should not be concerned about an audit, but it’s important that you find a tax professional right away to help represent you. If you have a simple audit letter, you probably should not look for an attorney because it’s not the most cost effective way of continuing with the audit process. Most of the time, you are better off looking for an enrolled agent, who can coach you through the audit process and represent you in front of the IRS during the audit…Read More

Have a Tax Problem? The Weil Law Group Can Help!

IRS Audits and Appeals:

An IRS audit can be time consuming and stressful. We can help ease some of the burden by serving as a buffer between you and IRS agents.

IRS Collections Cases:

The IRS is granted broad powers to collect taxes, including placing liens on personal property and engaging in collection actions that are forbidden to most creditors. We can help resolve your IRS collections cases by exploring options to help pay back tax revenue through installment agreements or offers to compromise

IRS Tax Litigation:

IRS civil tax litigation cases take place in one of four different courts. We understand the rules and procedures for each court, and we will work hard to help reach a successful resolution of your tax controversy.

Business and employment tax cases: We provide legal advice to businesses and corporations when employment tax issues arise, and we help counsel businesses on how to avoid potentially damaging tax difficulties.

International Tax Issues:

The taxing authority of the United States extends far beyond its natural borders. Whether you are a foreign national in the U.S. or a U.S. national living abroad, we can help resolve your international tax issues.

Florida State Tax Issues:

Tax problems that arise at the state level may include issues concerning sales tax, withholding tax and unemployment tax. We understand the unique matters that come up in Florida law and can help you with any state tax issues that you are facing.

Why Choose the Weil Law Group, PA?

Here at the Weil Law Group, we have experience dealing with complex tax issues. Our founder and managing attorney, Jacob A Weil, Esq., EA, in addition to being a Attorney barred in the State of Florida, is also qualified as an “Enrolled Agent” by the Internal Revenue Service. Unlike other attorneys who may not have expertise in the United States tax code, an enrolled agent must pass a rigorous 3 part examination administered by the Internal Revenue Service, covering all aspects of the United States Tax code.

In addition, Mr. Weil, has experience as a principle of a tax and accounting firm, RMS Accounting, that gives him a unique insight into tax problem resolution that most attorneys do not have. If you have any questions, we would be happy to help you. Call today at (954) 546-7755.


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