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How can the Weil Law Group, PA Help Your Small Business?

The Weil Law Group, PA is a different kind of law firm. One that understands you as a small business owner. That is why we strive to make your legal experience as simple and easy as possible for you. What does that mean? Clear and understandable advice you can actually use to take action and grow your small business.

We help businesses from starting up to winding down, and everything in between. If you are a small business owner, your business means everything to you. Trust the attorneys that will treat your business like it means everything to them.

Types of Problems We Can Help With:
  • Starting and Maintaining your business in Florida (Or any other State)
  • Making sure that your small business is compliant with the various laws and regulations affecting it
  • Drafting and reviewing agreements for your services and employees
  • Draft agreements between owners (operating agreements, buy-sell agreements, etc.)
  • Help settle business disputes with contractors, former partners, vendors, customers, and anyone else
  • Assist in strategic entity planning and asset protection
  • Merging and incorporating a new business
  • And much, much more!
What Kind Of Issues Do You Handle For Small Business Law Clients?

Our firm handles all types of issues for our small business clients, from starting or maintaining a business, to closing out a business, selling a business, or making sure the business is compliant with the various local and nationwide laws and regulations. We also assist with drafting agreements for owners, such as service agreements, operating agreements, and buy-sell agreements.

We also help settle disputes between contractors, former partners, vendors, customers, or any other dispute that can arise within a business. We assist with strategic entities planning, asset protection, merging corporations, domesticating a business, dealing with other businesses overseas, or bringing in foreign employees. One of the things that sets our law firm apart from many other small business firms is that we offer all of our small businesses the ability to move towards a subscription based model to handle their regular ongoing business costs…Read More

Business Formation:

There are distinct advantages and disadvantages to each of the business entities available to you when you are beginning a business. Sometimes, the success of a business is determined by the choice of entity made at the start. We will help you determine if you will be best served by a corporation, limited liability company, a partnership, or limited partnership to help set you up for success.

Corporate compliance:

The Weil Law Group practices corporate law with an awareness of, and respect for, compliance issues. In the modern business environment, there are a slew of laws and regulations that govern a business. Your customers may want to confirm that your business complies with the appropriate local, state, federal, and sometimes international rules of doing business. You can count on our legal team to review the laws that regulate your business to ensure that all obligations are being met.

General Counsel:

The Weil Law Group provides clients who do not have in-house counsel with general counsel services to efficiently handle your day-to-day legal issues. Such general counsel services may include matters related to leasing, general contract, and commercial issues.

Human Resources Issues:

Many small businesses do not have the capacity or need to hire an in-house Human Resources expert. Whether it is an employment contract, severance package, discrimination claim, wage claim, or any other Human Resources issue, The Weil Law Group can meet these needs when your business encounters them.

Do not hesitate to ask about any other corporate legal services you need. From intellectual property to security concerns, we can handle all of your legal needs.


We know small business owners need to be educated, that’s why we go out of the way to help you learn the ropes. For example, check out our Free Florida Small Business 101 Course!

The Weil Law Group, PA

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