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“I am a small time landlord (three rental units) and have had decent luck until I recently found myself needing to evict a problem tenant. Jacob handled the process very professionally, made it painless for me and did so for a reasonable rate. I highly recommend The Weil Law Firm.”Tom

“They are young, savvy and smart. Always willing to explain their strategies and make me feel well taken care of. I would highly recommend choosing this team for all your legal needs.”M.E.

“He is very thorough and takes me through the various steps that are involved with different business legal issues. I recommend him.”Mark

“I went to Jacob to have him help me plan my estate. I went in not really knowing what I wanted, but knowing I needed to do something after having to take care of everything when my mother died without a will. He took me through all of the details and helped me make choices rather then telling me what to do. I would recommend Jacob to anyone who is looking for someone to help them with their will.”A Satisfied Client

“He is a professional, friendly, smart person he always explain me their strategies and make me feel well. I would highly recommend choosing this team for all your legal needs.”Vanessa J.

“Jacob Weil is an honest lawyer that will fight for you. When you get to meet him you will see that he is a gentleman and he will get the job done. I highly recommend him.”Tosya B.

“I attended a Will & Trust seminar that Jacob hosted and immediately made an appointment to get my affairs in order. He was extremely knowledgeable and was able to explain everything down to the last detail. He answered any questions I had promptly and made it easy to communicate with him. Highly recommended!”Andrea D.