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The term “Estate Plan” is a fairly common legal term that most people have heard, but don’t necessarily understand what it entails. This article will give quick overview of the five most important parts of an Estate Plan: The Will, a Power of Attorney, a Living Will, a Health Care Surrogate Designation, and a Trust. A will is a legal…Read More

In one of my favorite (albeit somewhat inaccurate) legal TV shows is Suits there is an interesting metaphor used by one of the shows main characters Harvey Spector in the show when he is trying to teach a lesson to his new legal associate, Mike Ross. Harvey asks, “What are your choices when someone puts a gun to your head?”…Read More

Many people know they need to make an estate plan. They want to ensure their families are taken care of. However, when selecting an attorney they have know idea where to begin. This article will give quick overview of the kind of questions you should ask when hiring an estate planning attorney. If you ask these 4 questions of an…Read More

The term “Personal Representative”, commonly called a "PR" is a fairly common legal term that most people have heard, but don’t necessarily understand what they do or what they are for. This article will discuss: when a personal representative is necessary and what is required of the personal representative. There are two main types of probate, Summary Administration and Formal…Read More

One thing many often wonder regarding there homestead property in Florida when placing it into a trust is what are the implications on the creditor protections granted to that property by the homestead provisions of the Florida Constitution. The language outlining homestead in the Florida Constitution dictates that homestead must be owned by a “Natural Person”, this has led many…Read More

Many people are concerned about the possibility of their mortgage holder accelerating their mortgage when they transfer their property into their revocable living trust. Luckily that fear is unfounded, as Federal law prohibits Banks from accelerating a mortgage as the result of a transfer into a trust maintained for the benefit of the mortgage holder. The Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions…Read More

It’s that moment every parent has been waiting for. The little bird has flown the nest, now it is time to how high they will fly. Perhaps they are off to college, a new career across the country, or maybe your just happy they are finally out of your house. Regardless of the situation, one thing you probably have not…Read More

A client recently asked me, “why do I need an estate plan? I will be dead before it matters anyway.” This sentiment seems to be shared by many. However, this sentiment is largely incorrect. A well-made estate plan does not only account for what happens after you die, it lays out your wishes for everything you want to happen in…Read More