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When it come’s to getting a divorce, the team here at The Weil Law Group knows it can be a hard, emotionally grueling process. So we thought we would come up with a few things that in our experience are valuable steps you can take to get through your divorce. While these have been prepared by a Florida Divorce Lawyer, Nina Oswald, Esq. the principles apply to those getting divorced anywhere. Here are the 10 things you should know if your going to survive your divorce:

10 Steps to Survive Your Divorce

ONE – Breathe Deeply, a Good Florida Divorce Lawyer will take you Through Everything Step by Step.

It is going to be ok. Your life is not going to end how you previously imagined it would, but you are still the master of your future beyond this episode. Maybe give these 10 breathing techniques a try from Healthline.com.

TWO – Lean On Your Emotional Infrastructure.

Whoever that is in your life. It takes a kind of courage to accept help in this way, but you need your people in tough times. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and family to be their and support you. While a Florida Divorce Lawyer is here to be there for you, it’s usually not the best use of your money to use them as your emotional support system, as while most are happy to be that should to cry on, it can be a very expensive shoulder as many attorneys fail to turn off their clock and continue to bill for these comfort services they provide.

THREE – Stay Off Social Media.

Seriously, pump the breaks.  An emotional outburst becomes Exhibit “A” immediately upon posting.   Consider deleting apps from your phone and take a break from everyone else’s opinions on everything and nothing.  It’s you time.  Speaking of which…

FOUR – Prioritize Self-Care.

Not only do you deserve that, but you know this is going to be a trying time.  You want to confront these challenges at your best.  Make the time to treat yourself kindly in some way every day.  A good splurge is also in order. Perhaps take a day to get a new wardrobe, or a new haircut and a manicure. No matter how, making yourself a priority will give you confidence and help you get through your divorce more in control of your situation.

FIVE – Get Organized, Your Florida Divorce Lawyer will appreciate it.

Find a system that works for you. You’re going to be asked to produce all sorts of pre-existing documents, and then your matter is going to produce a mountain of new ones.  It is important to keep your records as thorough, neat, and manageable as possible.  Being able to produce documents quickly and providing complete records can dramatically shorten the time it takes to resolve your case, and therefore drastically reduce attorney’s fees.

SIX – But Don’t Get Rid Of Anything Yet, Your Florida Divorce Lawyer might Need it.

It may not be clear at the outset what the ultimate legal issues will be, and therefore what is relevant to support your position. You’ll want to kick yourself if you lose on an issue for lack of evidence that you threw away.  Furthermore, there are sanctions for purposefully destroying evidence, so no funny business either.

SEVEN – Delete Contact Name To Show Phone Number.

It is easier to use screenshots of text conversations as evidence if the sender’s actual phone number, not name, appears at the top.  If you’re in a contested action that is (or is likely to get) ugly, delete the other party’s contact from your phone to achieve this. There are also some nifty applications out their that let you do this easily. Your Florida Divorce Lawyer will need to make sure they have all of your texts between you and your spouse, as they could be valuable evidence.

EIGHT – Have the Courage To Make Difficult Changes And Sacrifices.

Dig deep and open yourself up to the changes that are coming.  You may need to make lifestyle changes, adjust to not having your child in your home every night, or lose some of the marital assets you previously enjoyed.  It’s extremely tough stuff, but you’ve got this.

NINE – Picture And Plan For What You Can Achieve After.

Though it doesn’t feel like it, the changes and sacrifices you make create opportunities as well.  Make a conscious effort to think about and plan for seizing those opportunities that your changed circumstances will provide. Will you have a new career, are you planning to be able to spend more time on your hobbies, maybe start a business. After your divorce you have a new day and a new you, as the saying goes, carpe diem, seize the day.

TEN – Don’t Settle On An Florida Divorce Lawyer You Don’t Like.

When it comes to Florida Divorce Lawyers, their are plenty of fish in the sea. There are too many attorneys who practice family law, and these matters are too important, for you to navigate this process with a representative who is a bad fit for you. The truth is picking which attorney is right for you can be hard sometimes. Don’t let it be, meet with people and don’t feel pressured to sign right away.  But once you find a great attorney, tell her how wonderful she is every day.

BONUS TIP – Work with someone who cares about you, not just your money.

Unfortunately, all too many attorneys worship at the throne of the all mighty dollar a little to much. This can manifest itself as excess billing, sparking unneeded litigation, or simply inflating their hours. But moreover, make sure your attorney considers your financial situation, so your confident they are thinking about your entire picture when giving you advice.

At The Weil Law Group we take a client centered approach to handling all of our divorce cases. We focus on helping you not just through the divorce process, but also work with you to help determine how we can use your case, to get you on the path to become the best you can be, once your divorce is just a distant memory. If you would like to set up a free consultation, you can submit a request here, or give us a call and a member of our team will be standing by, waiting to help you.

About the Author: Nina Oswald, Esq. is a Partner and Attorney with The Weil Law Group. She primarily practices in the Areas of Family Law, Guardianship and Probate. She is barred in the State of Florida, and has assisted numerous people through the divorce process. She works with her clients hands on, and has a deep passion for making sure her clients can accomplish their goals. Should you have any questions, you can always reach out to Attorney Nina Oswald, here. You can learn more about Nina on her Attorney Profile Page Here.

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